Absorption chiller

We provide the best solution for CHP and CCHP application by utilizing waste heat more efficiently through various Absorption Machine technology.

• No CFC’s and Environmentally safe
• Cost-Effective Direct Cooling & Heating
• Low Noise & Low Vibration operation
• Precise & Optimized Control by Microprocessor-based Controller
• Saving of Initial Investment
• High Reliability

Exhaust-Energy Recovery
Exhaust Gas Driven Absorption Machine produces both of cooling & heating directly from exhaust gas from reciprocating engine or gas turbine without additional heat recovery systems. And Hot water Driven type Machine produces cooling from engine jacket water or the other hot water. Specially, in Double-lift type Machine, hot water energy can be utilized by 55°C.

Excellent Part Load Performance
Microprocessor-based control system allows stable, part load operation at cooling water temperatures as low as 18C [64F] without a cooling water bypass. For maximum efficiency, a variable frequency drive pump automatically maintains optimum solution flow to Low-Temp. Generator and also High-Temp Generator during whole operation

Low Noise and Low Vibration
The overall sound level of The machine is typically 65dbA. This allows the machines to be installed near occupies spaces or in area with strict sound requirements. Low vibration levels also make it possible to install the chiller on upper floors without special consideration for vibration dampening systems.

Precise & Optimized Operation
Factory mounted, wired and tested microprocessor based controller monitors and controls the machine operation continuously and automatically. A touch screen display identifies operational status and fault indication. All components meet internally acceptable codes like UL or CE or KS or equivalents. During the start-up sequence, the controller initiates a self-diagnostic system check to verify that all sensors are in range. Remote start/stop switch and a key-locked control panel door protect against unauthorized access.

Reliability & Easy Maintenance
Hermetically-designed refrigerant and solution pumps which are only moving parts provide reliability and they are field serviceable through pump isolation valves. Also marine-type water box cover on both of the absorber and condenser allows easy tube-cleaning and water-box inspection. And factory performance test, which is provided as an optional basis, ensure the performance and function of chiller before shipment.

Reliable Purge System
Non-condensable gases are periodically exhausted from the storage tank by a simple procedure performed while the machine is running. Evacuation is performed by a unit mounted vacuum pump that is connected to the purge evacuation valve.

Product series

  • Double Effect Exhaust Gas Driven Absorption Machine
  • Single Effect Double Lift Hot water Driven Absorption Machine
  • Waste Heat Recovery Absorption Machine
  • Single Effect Hot Water Driven Absorption Machine
  • Double Effect Direct Fired Absorption Chiller & Heater
  • Double Effect Steam Fired Absorption Chiller
  • Single Effect Steam Fired Absorption Chiller
  • Absorption Heat Pump
  • Double Effect Hot Oil Fired Absorption Chiller
  • Single Effect Hot Oil Fired Absorption Chiller

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